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When it comes to maintaining your artificial grass, exposed aggregate, and paving, we have a few tips for you. At Royal Paving and Artificial Turf, our products are long-lasting and for your convenience require minimum maintenance. Getting the most from your pavers, turf, or exposed aggregate only requires a little bit of maintaining. We offer a comprehensive maintenance solution whether you’re looking for artificial lawn maintenance, paving maintenance or maintenance of your exposed aggregate.

Maintenance of artificial turf

Quality artificial lawn installed by a reputable company will require minimum maintenance. Too keep your turf fresh and looking as good as new, we offer an affordable maintenance solution. We know that you run a busy schedule, and with our artificial turf maintenance service, you get more time to do the things that matter to you, while we tackle the maintenance of your lawn.Contact us to arrange our maintenance service for your artificial lawn.

You should maintain your artificial grass to extend its lifespan, keep it looking great and reduce the growth or fungi and bacteria. Maintenance will also improve drainage and at the end of the day you’ll save money because you don’t have to keep replacing your turf.

Our artificial turf maintenance service

We take every care to ensure that your lawn looks great even if you have pets. We use Turf Deo during the maintenance process of your turf to ensure that your lawn is fresh. Turf Deo also helps to destroy surface bacteria and neutralises pet urine odours. You can mix it with water and easily spray it on your lawn as it is also suitable for DIY use.

Our artificial turf maintenance services are tailored to pet owners using the Petscape range, as well as clients living without pets using one of our other artificial turf products.

Our prices differ depending on the size of your lawn. We only use eco-friendly organic products to clean the artificial turf and to ensure that bacteria are destroyed. Our maintenance process includes adding additional infill as needed, repairing of loose seams, removal of any waste and we use a power broom to sweep turf fibres.

DIY maintenance

Natural rain

Brushing it with a hard-bristled broom to keep the fibres standing upright

Keeping your artificial turf fresh with Turf Deo

Cleaning stains by rinsing it off, as easy as that 

Artificial grass maintenance 101

  • Wash it down periodically
  • Brush it with a broom

Your artificial lawn may need more maintenance if you have pets and overhanging trees shedding leaves.

Maintenance of pavers

There’s very little maintenance involved in pavers. If you get a trusted paving installation company to install your pavers, you can be certain that you’ll have a job done properly.

As the years go by, it’s normal for pavers to lose their look of newness and will start looking older and deteriorated. This is even more so for paving that received heavier tyre traffic, so plenty of cars in and out of that driveway or parking lot for that matter. With time, the brickwork can start to weaken and crumble or become loose. However, with paving maintenance, you can prolong the life and look of your driveway pavers. You’ll also save much more when maintaining your paving than it would cost to replace and redo your paving from scratch.

At Royal Paving and Artificial Turf, we take every bit of care to ensure that there isn’t additional damage to the environment and to your paving products. Using an organic soap/degreaser and water mix in a power hose we clean off the surface areas. We also have other special equipment to help remove stains and grease and to make sure the paving surfaces look brighter and newer. As part of our maintenance, we repair any brickwork and sagging ground that may be present on the paved area. This is followed by regrouting and an application of sealant to ensure that the paving lasts and looks beautiful and new again.

DIY maintenance

Sweeping and high-pressure hosing

You can sweep your pavers to get rid of dirt like leaves, and other loose debris. Using a high-pressure hose can help lighten oil marks on your paving, it can also help reduce any tire marks.

Getting rid of algae

Because of its porous nature, organic material like algae can grow on the pavers. To remove the organic matter, a solution of dishwashing liquid, warm water, and serious “elbow grease” will do. You can also use some chlorine solution and scrub it down with a hard brush. Sealing your pavers after installation will prevent algae, moss, and weeds from growing.

Get rid of “efflorescence”

Effloresce is the white deposits that sometimes grow on paving with time. Lime deposits occur naturally as a reaction to CO2 in the air on the porous concrete. The appearance of efflorescence is by no means a manufacturing or products fault. It usually disappears naturally, but it won’t affect the durability of the paving itself. There are products on the market to remove the efflorescence.

Paving maintenance 101

  • Pavers shouldn’t stay moist so sun is good to prevent moss
  • Sweep it regularly
  • Hose it off once in a while

Maintenance of exposed aggregate

Exposed aggregate is a beautiful outdoor or indoor feature. While it is hardwearing and robust, it also provides low maintenance. Make sure that you use an experienced professional company to install the exposed aggregate. You must also make sure that you get a professional company to help with the maintenance of your exposed aggregate as this will ensure that additional maintenance is undertook. This includes repairing of broken or loose aggregate. You can also have your exposed aggregate sealed or resealed after the clean up process. Sealing is very important to prevent deep set oil and stains, as well as dirt and grime from getting into the nooks and crannies of the stone cement mix.

Regular maintenance of your exposed aggregate will help keep it looking good for longer.

DIY maintenance

Power wash

Use a high-powered hose to wash down your exposed aggregate.

Cleaning grease stains

For grease stains, hot water is your best friend, but some older stains can be harder to clean. You can also use a chemical degreasing agent with hot water and a hard bristled brush to scrub it off.

Maintaining your exposed aggregate 101

Sealed aggregate reduces maintenance and protects the surfaces from stains

Let us take care of the work. Book our maintenance service for exposed aggregate today!

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